ChatGPT touches smartwatches – and it sounds like a sci-fi dream

ChatGPT continues its march through the technology industry as it reaches a new frontier: smartwatches. Fitness brand Amazfit has revealed that it will add generative AI as a feature on its GTR4 device.

search in He recently posted a demo on LinkedIn (Opens in a new tab), ChatGPT will be listed as ChatGenius in the GTR4 menu, and from there, you can ask it whatever you want. The video shows a person asking how they can improve their running performance. Then in just a few seconds, ChatGenius responds with a multi-paragraph answer that you can read in its entirety by rotating the watch face crown. Tap the screen to clear the previous response and you can ask a new question. You can even ask ChatGenius how your day was and it will tell you how many steps you’ve taken as well as your current heart rate.

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