CIA warns that without new help, Kyiv could lose war this year

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Update on the situation – In the Dnipropetrovsk region, a Russian salvo kills at least eight people, while the CIA predicts possible defeat for Ukraine if aid is cut off.

A bomber crashed in southern Russia, and Kyiv claimed responsibility for the strike. Ukraine condemns at least eight deaths after overnight Russian strikes in Dnipropetrovsk region. CIA warns Ukraine will lose war this year if aid is cut off. Le Figaro Takes place on Friday, April 19.

Fatal crash of a Russian military bomber while kyiv announces it shot down a similar model

One of the four crew members of a Russian supersonic bomber that crashed in southern Russia on Friday has died, the regional governor said. Two other crew members of the plane, a Tu-22M3, were found alive, and rescuers were still searching for a fourth, he said. It is not yet clear whether the governor is referring to the bomber he said was shot down by the Ukrainian military on Friday morning and the bomber that fell in the Stavropol region.

Indeed, the Ukrainian Air Force confirmed its role on Friday In Telegram The downing of a Russian Tu-22M long-range strategic bomber was the first since the beginning of the Moscow-initiated invasion.

At least eight people have been killed in a Russian attack in Ukraine

Russian strikes in the Dnipropetrovsk region (Middle East) killed at least eight people, including two children, and injured 18 others, according to a new report issued by the Interior Ministry on Friday morning. In the Sinelnikov district, More than ten houses were damaged And “Six people died, including six- and eight-year-old children.”, Minister Igor Klymenko said in a telegram. In the regional capital city of Dnipro, two people were killed and 16 injured, he added. “A five-story building is on fire in Dnipro. It is partially destroyed. There may be people under the rubble.wrote Regional Governor Serguii Lyzak, who also reported damage in the Krivi Rik district, southwest of Dnipro.

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Overnight from Thursday to Friday, Russia fired 22 missiles and 14 explosive drones at Ukraine, and Ukraine's air force said it shot down 29 of the devices. Out of ten cruise missiles and 12 guided missiles, it managed to shoot down 15 and shoot down all “Shahad” explosive drones, Ukrainian Air Force Commander Petro Olescho said in a telegram.

In Russia, the governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Klatkov, announced that 25 projectiles had been shot down as they headed toward the city near the Ukrainian border. No injuries were reported, Vyacheslav Kladkov told Telegram, but several buildings sustained damage such as fire or broken windows.

Without new aid, the CIA says Ukraine could lose the war within a year

The head of the CIA warned on Thursday that Ukraine could lose its war against Russia by the end of 2024 unless the US provides more military aid. The warning from US intelligence chief Bill Burns comes two days before the US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote Saturday on $61 billion in aid to Ukraine, mainly for the military, after months of political obstruction.

“I think the Ukrainians are capable of holding on to 2024 — both practical and psychological — with the impetus that military assistance provides.”Bill Burns said during a speech at the George W. Bush Center. “Without more help, the situation is dire.”According to him. “The risk is very real that by the end of 2024 the Ukrainians will lose the battle, or at least (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will be in a position to dictate the terms of a political settlement.”He added without elaborating on what he meant “to lose” War.

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He added that there were only two brigades – units of more than 2,000 soldiers – to explain the Ukrainian army's lack of ammunition. “15 artillery shells a day” and total “42 Mortar Bombs”. Faced with Western aid, Ukraine faces growing resource shortages and is pressing its partners to provide more weapons and air defense systems.

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