College Football Projections | Week 14 predictions for Brett McMurphy

Week 14 college football projections

With less than a week to go until the bowl bids were officially announced, it is still unknown how many teams will qualify for the tournament.

We’re interrupting our weekly breaking news forecast: Action Network reports on Middle Tennessee and San Diego Headed to the Hawaiian Basin … Now back to the bowl projections.

It is not known how many teams qualify because Buffalo (5-6) plays Akron in Friday’s game rescheduled due to weather. It’s simple for Buffalo – win, and the Bulls to their 80th championship-qualifying team.

If Buffalo wins, two teams of five wins are required to fill the bottom two spots. An Akron win meant that three teams with five wins would be needed to fill the 82 spots.

Ranking of five-win teams is based on Academic Progress Rate (APR) scores. Rice had the highest APR score of the five teams, followed by UNLV and Auburn. No matter the Buffalo-Akron score, rice is a guaranteed bowl. UNLV has the second highest APR, followed by Auburn.

If Buffalo lost, UNLV and Auburn would be next in line to receive bowl bids.

However, New Mexico State athletic director Mario Moccia told Action Network that the school filed an appeal today with the NCAA Football Oversight Committee, requesting a waiver that would allow 5-6 NMSU to play in a bowl.

New Mexico State is seeking a waiver because the Aggies were unable to play their full 12-game schedule due to tragic circumstances, including the death of a San Jose State player and subsequent cancellation of the NMSU-SJSU game.

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New Mexico State unsuccessfully tried to find another opponent for FBS. Here more about New Mexico State Appeal Efforts.

If the NCAA rules in favor of New Mexico State, the Aggies will be picked ahead of Rice, UNLV, and Auburn. Regardless of whether or not New Mexico State is awarded a waiver, Rice will still be bowl bound. As for UNLV and Auburn, they will have to wait to see (a) if Buffalo wins, and (b) if New Mexico State’s appeal is successful.

In terms of bowl predictions this week, I predict Buffalo will become the 80th bowl-eligible team, leaving the spots to two five-win teams. Until the NCAA rules New Mexico State’s appeal, I’m putting Rice and UNLV in my predictions.

After Tuesday’s penultimate College Football Playoff rankings, I’ll have an updated tournament-specific forecast on Wednesday. And plan accordingly — all bowl matchups will be officially announced on Sunday.

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* The highest rated champion from the pool of five conferences (America, Conference USA, Central America, Mountain West, and Sun Belt) will be selected to play in the Cotton Bowl if it does not qualify for the College Football Playoff.

**A distinguished team name means that the team has already been confirmed for its pot.

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