Colts coach Frank Reich on QB acquisition Matt Ryan: ‘We needed each other’

The Center Circuit in Indianapolis Can’t go unnoticed The Colts are set to enter 2022 with the start of the fifth quarter-finals in many seasons.

The Colts are the only team in NFL history to have had 15 different QB starts with 15 games in four consecutive seasons, according to NFL research. Indy is on her way to extending that great stat next get Long Hawks QB Matt Ryanwho has not missed a game in 12 seasons.

Frank Reich, who has been the Colts head coach for each of those four seasons, believes Ryan is the QB to not only end the trend but also help take Indianapolis to the promised land.

“I think everyone saw on the outside that this fits right in,” Reich told NFL Network’s Tom Pellisero during an interview at the league’s annual meeting on Sunday. “Like, people can universally agree that you’ve got a guy who still plays at a high level with a team and a roster built to make some noise. We needed each other.”

Ryan wasn’t initially on the Colts’ radar then Commerce Carson Wentz told Washington leaders on March 9, according to Reich. As soon as rumors of Deshaun Watson landing in Atlanta surfaced, the Colts began formulating the idea of ​​acquiring the AP Most Valuable Player of 2016. Although Watson eventually Selection Cleveland Browns, the Colts continued their pursuit of Ryan once they decided he was a perfect fit.

Ryan, who will be 37 by the time he starts training camp, was just 32 yards away from breaking the 4,000-yard mark for the eleventh consecutive season in 2021. With the All-Pro back in the back Jonathan Taylor He thrived on one of the NFL’s best ball carriers, a small legion of broad receivers and a roster of seven professional players, excited to see what he thought would be a smooth transition into the Colts attack.

“I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this off-season with Matt, with our coaches,” Reich said. “It’s going to be 80 percent of what we’ve done in the past, 90 percent, but then there’s going to be tweaks. We’re going to look at all of his movies. We’re going to pull concepts that he’s done a lot in Atlanta and he’s been successful with. We’re going to hear how he thinks about these things, and how they compliment what we’re doing. with him, and then we’ll find ways to incorporate some of these things. Then I’m sure I’ll hear together a few short discussions with him, that we’ll make some things together. Some of them combine what’s old and what we’ve been doing, and yet there are still things to be made together. And I I look forward to it.”

“When the season ends the way we did, she’ll eat you up forever. It’s never going to go away,” Reich said. “I’ve seen this over and over, not just in my own career, but you just look around in the history of the sport, this happens. It happens when you go through an epic meltdown or failure, and then it turns out to actually be the same thing that drives you to go to the next level. That’s what We think it and we think it’s going to happen in Indianapolis.”

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