COVID-19 cases are starting to rise again in Oregon

Oregon reported more new COVID-19 Cases so far this week than during the same time period last week, indicating if not a fresh start Corona Virus Protrusion, then a significant slowdown in the post-omicron subsidence of cases.

The increase in newly reported cases in Oregon this week was relatively small, with the one-week daily average rising from 200 on Monday to 252 on Friday. But the bump comes after that Nine straight weeks of rapid drops And it could herald more infections in the coming weeks.

The course of infection often changed up and down throughout the epidemic. Oregon set record numbers of cases during the Omicron surge in January averaging more than 8,000 cases per day before dropping to the lowest levels since last summer.

This puts the new increase into perspective, and several federal health officials have said they do not expect a significant increase nationally driven by the more contagious BA.2 variant of omicron.

According to Oregon Health & Science University modelingwhich – which The variable, combined with the lifting of pandemic restrictions, could cause a bump in COVID-19 hospitalizations that peak on May 9.

About half of the 293 estimated hospitalizations will be people who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are in hospital for treatment for something else, Peter Graven, a former OHSU analyst, said in an email. University modeling both underestimated And the exaggeration past storms.

Variant BA.2 has already led to an increase in the number of cases in Europe, a region that in the past served as an early indicator of what could await the United States. 17 states reported gains in cases In recent weeks, according to the New York Times.

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At the moment, the corona virus is hospitalized in Oregon still has near 110 beds occupied. The number of patients in intensive care unit beds also fell to its lowest level in months, with 15 occupied intensive care unit beds reported on Wednesday – the lowest number per day since the first pandemic wave in spring 2020.

In light of the declining number of hospitalizations and cases, the Oregon Health Authority said as of Monday that it will not release detailed daily newsletters on the status of the pandemic. While a lot of information will be available and updated every business day on the agency’s website data dashboardsthe state will no longer provide detailed information on those who have died, including their age, county of residence, date they tested positive, and date and place of death.

– Fyodor Zerkhin

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