Covid: Tens of thousands of people quarantined again in China, with massive screening by authorities

Shenzhen, a major “tech” metropolis in southern China, will implement health control measures against COVID-19 from Monday, health officials announced on Sunday.

Shenzhen, a city of 13 million people, went into lockdown over the weekend to carry out large-scale coronavirus testing on Saturday. “Currently, the Covid situation in the city is severe and complex. The number of new infections is relatively high and there is a risk of social transmission.“Shenzhen public health official Lin Hancheng told a press conference.

The Chengdu city government announced that it would continue containment measures in most parts of the city and that new large-scale tests were planned between Monday and Wednesday.

Since August 12, Sichuan’s capital has reported more than 900 Covid infections. “The epidemic situation is complex and serious”. Due to the rising thermometer, “Swimming pools were taken over and people couldn’t protect themselves effectively by wearing masks.”Adds the director of the emergency office of the Chengdu Center for Epidemic Prevention and Control to comments reported by the local press.

In total, about 20 million people have been forced to stay at home before screening in the last 48 hours.

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