Daft Punk is reissuing Homework on Vinyl, Streaming a Rare Concert Now, One Time Only

Today, on their first anniversary break upAnd the asshole bastard They broadcast a one-off stream from a rare 1997 concert, recorded before they even started wearing the helmets. it happens right Now On Twitch. This is not a drill! Go watch it now or shut up forever. Search for the stream here.

The live stream footage comes from a group played by Jay-Manuel de Homem Cristo and Thomas Bangalter at a Los Angeles nightclub around the Mayan region. Homework release. A representative confirmed that the show will only air once.

The duo also announced a vinyl re-release of their landmark debut album, Homework, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding. The Homework LP vinyl and vinyl reissue District 97 out April 15th. Homework (25th Anniversary Edition), which will also be released digitally, includes several redistributions. Find the song list below.

asshole bastard It’s called quitting smoking A year ago today, and eight years after the release of their last album, RAM. Read Pitchfork’s 2013 Feature With the duo and Sunday review Homework.

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Daft Punk: Homework (25th Anniversary Edition)

Homework (25th Anniversary Edition):

Disc 1: Homework – Original Album:
01 DaftinDirect
02 WDPK 83.7 FM
03 Revolution 909
04 Da Funk
05 Phoenix
06 fresh
07 around the world
08 Rollin and Scratching
09 teachers
10 high resolution
11 Rock and Roll
12 Oh yeah
13 burn
14 Indian Silver Club
15 alive
16 Funk

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Disc 2: Homework Collocations:
01 Around the World (I: Cube Remix)
02 Revolution 909 (Roger Sanchez and Junior Sanchez Remix)
03 Around the World (Tee’s Frozen Sun Mix)
04 around the world (mature mix)
05 Burnin’ (DJ Sneak’s main mix)
06 Around the World (Kenlou Mix)
07 Burnin’ (Ian Bole Cut Mix)
08 Around the World (Motorbass Vice Mix)
09 Around the World (MAW Remix)
10 Burn (Slam Mix)
11 Around the World (original bullets only)
12 Burnin’ (DJ Sneak Mongowarrier Mix)
13 Around the World (Raw Dub)
14 milestones (extended mix)
15 Revolution 909 (Capella Revolution)

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