David Beckham is suing Mark Wahlberg's F45 Fitness company for $10 million

David Beckham

Swiss Mark Wahlberg.


Two fitness giants are going to face off in court, because David Beckham File a lawsuit against Mark WahlbergA company on fitness deal has left the former football star much lighter on his wallet.

Beckham's company, DB Ventures Ltd, alleges in the lawsuit that F45 “tricked” him into signing with F45 Training, a company in which Wahlberg has a 36% stake. MW also serves as the company's chief brand officer.

Beckham, who approached Mark when he moved to Cali to play for LA Galaxy, has become a global F45 ambassador. Selling Point – David has millions of followers on social media, so this should expand the company significantly.

Well, things didn't go well. Beckham says he never got the $10 million he was promised… after the company's stock plummeted. BTW…those posts have been deleted.

F45 asked Judge 86 to dismiss the lawsuit, calling it “fraudulent,” but the judge said the case would continue.

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BTW…David is not alone. Terrell Owens He filed the same type of suit against F45 in 2017, claiming the company overcharged him as much as $700,000.

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