Day 1 quick scores for all 32 teams

Draft pick

analysis: The Vikings offer one spot to grab McCarthy, and would presumably take on Denver and Las Vegas. He doesn't throw 40 times per game in Michigan's pass-heavy offense, but he has plenty of arm, excellent movement and throwing accuracy on both sides of the field. He can surprise with his speed in the open field, and his ability to win games at the high school and college levels carries weight with NFL teams. Although he is not a physical specimen, he is built similarly to CJ Stroud and other quarterbacks who were recently selected among the top 10 picks. The Vikings made a draft trade with the Texans to acquire a second pick in the first round (23rd overall) and then moved on from there to nab Turner. His 4.46 40 turned his head at the combine, but still fell, thanks to his rush toward quarterbacks and also likely also due to his average size for the position (6-2 3/4'', 247 lbs). He uses his low center of gravity and 34 3/8-inch arms to separate from blockers on run plays and arm them long up the middle in a pass rush situation. He's very good value at 17, although today's trade eats up the team's draft capital mid-round, both this year and next. This draft is very weak, and the Vikings decided to take a risk.

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