“Deal Gives Hamas Continuity, Denies Netanyahu Political Victory” – Liberation


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According to Hasni Abidi, the Palestinian Islamic Movement accepted a “gradual cease-fire” agreement to save what was left of Gaza and guarantee its political survival. According to the political scientist, Hamas made the unilateral announcement on Monday, May 6, to embarrass Israel.

Hasni Abidi, a curator of the Middle East for thirty years, is director of the Center for Studies and Research on the Arab and Mediterranean World in Geneva. He returned to negotiations surrounding the cease-fire agreement accepted by Hamas on Monday, May 6, but ruled out. “unacceptable” By Israel. This was announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office “Hamas’ proposals fall far short of essential requirements” Israelis, but negotiations continue. An Israeli delegation is expected to arrive in Cairo this Tuesday. “Indeed, this text accepted by Hamas is credible” The researcher believes.

What do we know about the terms of the deal accepted by Hamas on Monday evening?

It was not an agreement for an immediate ceasefire but a gradual agreement. In this text, a ceasefire is a distant goal to be achieved, not a starting point. A fundamental tenet underlying the agreement was a cease-fire against the release of Israeli hostages. Innovation is a division into three phases, each lasting forty-two days, conditional on compliance with phase p.

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