Destiny 2 turns into a full anime with Haunted Gundam armor

The Guardians of Destiny dressed up as Gundam Mix at the Lost Festival.

picture: bungee

Fate 2‘s big nervous event Just around the corner, the Bungie finally mocked Armor players inspired by the new machines will hunt. Some people get Ultraman percussion instrument. Others see power Rangers. but i get big dose of GundamAnd I’m very excited about it.

Festival of the Lost Live broadcast starts on October 18thAnd while Bungie hasn’t revealed full details about how this year’s edition will work, it’s traditionally revolved around donning masks, shooting haunted enemies, and collecting space candy that’s exchanged for festive items. Last year’s theme was dinosaurs, and it was… well! This year, players voted for either mechanics or monsters, and of course the mechanics won (monsters, meanwhile, lost for the second year in a row).

The Gundam-ass shield will be available for the duration of the Lost Festival. The Hunters look great, but the mechanical look obviously plays best with the Titan’s massive aesthetic, so I’m going to dust mine after two seasons in storage. The event will also be added sniper rifle With a new asset feature called Search Party that hits the target and moves faster when you’re solo. There’s even a new Rhulk mask for everyone to wear a costume Their favorite witness.

Meanwhile, Bungie also announced Some big and small changes coming to the rest Fate 2. Next week’s mid-season update will rebalance a range of weapons, including automatic rifle buffs and some very small power drops for some other weapons like reconnaissance rifles. The Rangefinder feature is also tweaked and will see a 20 percent drop in target assist at long distances, while powerful alien elements Jade Rabbit and No Time To Explain will drop as well.

Most importantly, Bungie revealed a major rework of its currency economy that will come in Season 19. Planetary materials will be gone and heroic public events will be a new hot spot for Glimmer farming. The idea is to reduce some noise on the inventory screen and make it Fate 2 More accessible for newcomers. While it is the right move, I still think a much deeper reform is needed. Glimmer is also useless at this point.

Yes, it’s required for some gear upgrades and can also buy additional rewards for faster farm XP, but it basically feels quite casual for the rest of the experience, unlike Legendary Shards which are currently depleting at alarming rates thanks to the exorbitant seasonal Umbral Engram. focus ring. Lightfalland whatever other big changes it brings Fate 2-Can’t come soon enough. For now, it’s almost Gundam time.

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