Diablo IV interview questions accused of fabrication

A video was released last week featuring two senior developers working on it Diablo IV: Assistant Game Director Josef Bibora and Technical Director John Mueller. In the clip the couple were shown a series of questions from “fans,” which they answered at length, but it didn’t take long for some research to discover that the questions were… oddly specific.

Here’s the video posted on the Future Games Show channel, and it got me guessing promoting both the game and the event, which is an annual showcase for the British media publisher and, in particular, its video game site GamesRadar:

Diablo 4 Devs answer your questions

Philtacular was watching and was among those who thought the questions were a little weirdDespite that, and with the Future Game Show helpfully providing social media information to everyone who asks questions, they’ve looked up every single one of them.

This is not a one-off, though! There are a lot of those!

I’m not going to go on pasting it, but there are accounts from other sites too, like Reddit, that have absolutely no trace of actually asking these questions. This, of course, has led to allegations that the questions are fabricated, a hoax that can be explained at least in part by the fact that the FGS asked the community questions for Diablo IV The interview took place on May 13th and… I haven’t received a single response.

I asked both FGS and Blizzard for comment, and Blizzard responded saying Kotaku “Blizzard did not participate in the question collection process.” community representative Also posted about the video at Diablo subredditThis was an interview that Joe and John did on a press tour in the EU last week with various outlets. [These] The interview questions came from the media and we only answer them. The team is following up with the outlet to ask where the questions came from.”

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If the questions were indeed made up, this is simply the funniest possible example of the absurdity of putting these forgettable pre-release promos together; What was so consistent about this arrangement that he didn’t seem to get any actual questions was that some nonsense was apparently made up instead of getting staffed in GamesRadarA video game website that brings the action together– to ask some questions instead? Why Bother? It’s a stupid scandal over something no one would have otherwise cared about!

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