Did Russia Really Attack a NATO Military Convoy En route to Ukraine?

A video purporting to show a Russian attack against NATO troops is going viral on TikTok.
Moscow reportedly targeted a “military convoy” headed for Ukraine this Friday.
This video actually shows the West Bank burning.

In the face of the Russian threat, NATO is increasing its strength. From there prompting an armed response from Moscow? This is a web user statement. Support video, he confirmed, that on Friday April 26, Moscow would have attacked “Military Convoy” It was heading towards Ukraine. A video that has gone viral has amassed nearly two million views on TikTok. Besides coming from the west bank.

A video from the West Bank

This is not the first time this video has been taken out of context. Six days earlier, netizens recovered footage of Israel launching massive strikes against Iran following Tehran's widespread drone and missile strikes against the Jewish state.

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Felicia Sideris

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