Disney Plus goes all the way to Space Jam 2 with the new Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers movie

Disney has Trailer released For the exclusive Disney Plus movie Chip and Dale: Rescue the Rangersand seems to follow the great tradition of Space Jam 2 By directly targeting the age group that remember the characters from the cartoons of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The film features Andy Samberg voicing Dell and John Mulaney as Chip, along with a host of other stars such as Will Arnett, Keegan Michael Key, and Seth Rogan. Based on the trailer, the plot mysteriously revolves around their reunion after a few decades and their collaboration to save the world.

Disney does a lot of shading in the trailer and in their Twitter post about how this movie works completely Not a restart – Chip even yells “Nobody wants a restart!” But while this argument may hold up to the Disney Plus show Chip and Deal: Park Live, who looks It targets very young childrenObviously, the movie is for people who remember the Rescue Rangers show. The trailer starts with just a file Bojack Horseman vibe, featuring a “news package” about the duo’s fall 30 years after their rise to fame. There is a joke that Dale looks different after having “CGI surgery”.

The trailer also comes with a big helping of a taste of nostalgia – a homage to ’80s and ’90s classics like Raiders of the Lost AstronomyAnd Jurassic ParkAnd my little pony (Although her designs are closer to Friendship is magic versions that Gen Z grew up with). There’s also an extended gag about bad CGI animation – including a reference to the terrifying the cats movie from 2019.

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Photo: Disney

Chip and Dale: Rescue the Rangers It will arrive at Disney Plus on May 20. If you have some memories that you want to relive before then, the complete original series lifeguards The offer is already available on the streaming service.

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