Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was placed in NFL concussion protocol


Miami Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa It’s in the NFL’s concussion protocol, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said at a news conference Monday.

The announcement comes a day after Tagovailoa played the entire game as the Dolphins lost to the Green Bay Packers. This is the second time this season that the 24-year-old quarterback has landed in concussion protocol.

It also comes after several months in the spotlight for what appeared to be head injuries and the league and players union Agree to update the protocol NFL policies for the evaluation and care of players with concussions.

On Monday afternoon, McDaniel said he discovered “just two hours ago” that Tagovailoa had symptoms of a concussion and that he was placed in league protocol by the medical staff. He could not pinpoint a moment in Sunday’s game when Tagovailoa might have been injured.

The coach said it’s unclear if Tagovailoa will be ready to play this week against the New England Patriots.

“I care deeply about each player,” said McDaniel. “I take that very seriously, so I just want him to be healthy and have peace of mind in that regard. That first and foremost, and then whatever the circumstances are after that, you deal with it after that. It’s about being human and making sure he’s off the ground.” “.

Tagovailoa was also diagnosed with a concussion on September 29 after he was sacked in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Tagovailoa lay motionless on the court for several minutes before being placed on a backboard and stretcher. he is He missed the team’s next two games.

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This concussion came several days after Tagovailoa suffered an apparent head injury and was subsequently allowed to continue playing in a game against the Buffalo Bills on September 25.

A concussion is a brain injury that occurs after a head injury causes the organ to move back and forth within the skull. But even after the brain stops vibrating, changes can occur in the organ.

In October, Tagovailoa said he did not remember walking off the field during the September 29 game.

“Get a cart – I don’t remember that,” he said. “But I remember the things that were happening when I was in the ambulance and then when I got to the hospital.”

He described the process of going through the protocol as stressful.

“But it was all done for the safety of the player and I’m glad I went through this stuff to understand more concussion deals, you know, the effects, long-term, short-term, things like that. I thought it was something It’s great to be able to go through this process and get a permit.”

The Dolphins are seventh and final in the AFC playoffs, one game ahead of the Patriots. Dolphins stay two weeks in their regular season.

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