Dow futures drop: what to do after the stock market rally today; Fed set to raise rates

Dow futures fell after the stock market rose on Tuesday. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision is due on Wednesday afternoon. The war between Russia and Ukraine remains a major focal point in the stock market today. Treasury yields settled at their highest level since July 2019, while US oil prices fell below $95 a barrel on Tuesday.


Investors need patience and discipline for now, keeping money mostly on the sidelines to see if a new market rally attempt can signal a new uptrend. Giant Dow Jones Healthcare United Health (United nations), costco (cost) And the O’Reilly Motors (Orly) is among those that have withstood the fluctuations of the current stock market well.

stock market today

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 1.8%, while the S&P 500 gained 2.1%. The Nasdaq Technology Composite Index is up 2.9%. The Nasdaq and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index cut waves of losses that lasted three days.

Overview of the US stock market today

index Code price win/loss % change
Dow Jones (0DJIA) 33545.92 +600.68 +1.82
Standard & Poor’s 500 (0S & P5) 4262.73 +89.62 +2.15
Nasdaq (0NDQC ) 12948.62 +367.40 +2.92
Contact 2000 (IWM) 195.70 +2.99 +1.55
defect 50 (fifty) 36.69 +0.70 +1.94
Last update: 4:30 PM ET 3/15/2022

between the Dow Jones LeadersAnd the an Apple (AAPL) rose by 3% and Microsoft (MSFT) up by 3.9% in Stock market today. UnitedHealth, the Dow Jones stock to watch, ended Tuesday just below a fresh buying point.

electric car leader Tesla (TSLA) surged more than 4.5% on Tuesday after it announced a price hike for its cars.

Amid the volatile market headlines-driven, Costco, O’Reilly Automotive, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (Region) And the Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) is among the top stocks to watch on Tuesday. Keep in mind that current stock market conditions should keep investors on the sidelines and on the sidelines.

Microsoft, Tesla, Vertex IBD Leaderboard Stores. It was O’Reilly Tuesday of 50 IBD stocks to watch picking or picking Costco and Regeneron appeared In this week Stocks near the buying area vertical.

Dow Jones Today: Fed Decision

After the market closed on Tuesday, Dow Jones futures lost 0.3% against fair value, while S&P 500 futures were down 0.3%. Nasdaq 100 futures are down 0.2% against fair value. Remember to work overnight in Dow Jones futures contracts and anywhere else that does not necessarily translate into actual circulation in the next regular session Stock market session. in between circulating money exchangeNasdaq 100 Invesco QQQ Trust Tracker (QQQ(jumped 3.1%, the SPDR S&P 500 ETF)spy) 2.2% on Tuesday.

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The US 10-year Treasury yield rose to 2.16% to reach its highest point since July 2019. On Monday, the 10-year Treasury yield rose to 2.14%. US oil prices fell more than 7% on Tuesday, with West Texas Intermediate crude trading around $95 a barrel. Energy giant Dow Jones chevron (CVX) is down more than 5%, but is still sharply above the 20%-25% take profit area from the 113.21 entry point for the base of the cup.

The Fed’s two-day meeting on Wednesday will end with a decision on the interest rate at 2:00 PM ET. Expectations call for the central bank to raise interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point, the first increase since 2018.

Trying to go up the stock market: what to do now

The stock market posted strong moves on Tuesday, with major stock indexes ending with big gains. But a key component of the follow-up day – a larger volume than the day before – was missing. So despite the solid gains, the stock market correction is still in place.

a Follow-up day Signaling the start of a new uptrend – it could still be in the S&P 500 anytime now, given that the major stock index didn’t cut its February 24 lows. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq hit fresh correction lows on Monday, so it will take some time before a possible day to follow up on this index. However, even in the event of a follow-up day, there is not a lot of merchandise to buy after the recent huge losses in the broad market.

During market corrections, investors should be cash. But do not adjust. Instead, keep a watch list of high-performing stocks that are trying to hold out during a weak market. use the Relative force line To help you identify some emerging leaders. You can also find stocks recently added to IBD watchlists like IBD 50 are here.

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Make sure to check out IBD University On how to spot and invest market bottoms after a day follow up.

Tuesday the big picture The column commented, “Tuesday’s gains certainly were impressive. But, as we learned only days ago, big gains do not necessarily indicate Real bull market trends. Tuesday’s gain was the biggest since March 9, which dragged the market lower. “Amidst the current volatility, it is an important time to read and follow IBD The Big Picture vertical.

If you are new to IBD, consider taking a look at stock trading system And the CAN SLIM Basics. Distinguish chart patterns It is one of the key investment guidelines. IBD offers a wide range of Stock Growth ListsSuch as leaderboard And the SwingTrader.

Investors can also create watch lists, find companies near a profile buy pointor develop custom screens in IBD Market Smith.

Four Dow Jones stocks worth watching right now

Dow Jones stocks to watch: UnitedHealth

Managed care giant UnitedHealth shows a 500.10 point of purchase with a handle insert on a double-bottomed base. Stocks on Tuesday finished within walking distance of their latest entry after the session was up 2.05%. The United Nations was Monday’s stock from IBD.

bullish, stock Relative force line It is approaching new highs, indicating a significant outperformance in the stock market.

Four growth stocks to watch at Cursstock market correction

Stocks to watch: Costco, O’ReillyRegeneron, Vertex

Costco stock now shows mug with handle 545.39 buy pointaccording to IBD Market Smith Graph analysis. bullish, stock Relative force line It has already made new highs, a sign of extreme strength, especially during periods of significant market weakness. Costco stock rose more than 3 percent on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s IBD 50 stockpile to watch O’Reilly Automotive broke through a 687.33 buy point in a cup with a handle during Tuesday’s 3.1% lead and is in a buying range. The 5% buy space It tops at 721.70.

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Regeneron decisively cleared early entry at 645.10 during Monday’s session. Meanwhile, the stock is approaching 673.96 buy point at flat base After Tuesday’s rise 1.45%.

IBD Leaderboard The arrow head traces a flat base at 255.03 buy points. According to the leaderboard analysis, Vertex has consolidated to half a position from a quarter in a strong bounce from the 50-day streak in recent sessions. VRTX shares rose 2.2% on Tuesday.

Join IBD experts as they analyze the leading stocks in the current stock market correction on IBD Live

Tesla Stock

Tesla stock It rose 4.6% on Tuesday, cutting a three-day losing streak. Stocks are still below the long-term 200-day moving average.

Tuesday, Tesla It raised the prices of its cars In China and the United States for the second time in less than a week. In the US, Tesla raised the prices of all its models by 5%-10%. On Sunday, CEO Elon Musk chirp“Tesla and SpaceX have been experiencing significant inflationary pressures lately in raw materials and logistics.”

The stock traded as high as 1,243.49 on November 4, but on Tuesday finished about 36% off its all-time high.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple and Microsoft

in between Dow Jones stockApple shares rose 3% on Tuesday, recovering from Monday’s slide. The stock retraced the long-term 200-day streak.

Shares of software leader Microsoft Inc jumped 3.9% Tuesday, ending a three-day losing streak. Stocks are still well below the 200-day streak, as they continue to build a new base.

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