Eagles vs. giants predictions for week 18 of the NFL season

The Eagles (13-3) host the Giants (9-6-1) Sunday afternoon at the Link.

For predictions:

Robin Frank (12-4)

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Eagles win this game. They are the better team, they are at home, they have more on the line, they haven’t lost to the Giants at home since Chip Kelly was coach and they beat them by 26 in East Rutherford last month. Jalen Hurts raises the bar for everyone’s play, and whether or not the Giants starters or backups play, I can’t imagine Hurts letting the Eagles lose this game to this team in this situation. Having said that, if Gardner started Mincio? I don’t have faith in him winning a must-win match against anyone in any stadium. Minshew has the ability, there is no doubt about that. But the Continental full-back I saw against the Saints last weekend seemed like he wasn’t up to the challenge of taking on a competitive side in a high-powered position. I know it takes the whole team to win or lose a game, but it all starts with the quarterback and Minshew’s inability to make even the simplest throws at key moments was unsettling. You can put up good numbers with the bad Jaguars or against the bad Jets. But can you win an important match with the top seed on the line? I’m not optimistic. So the assumption is that Horts starts. …if Minkyu started? Just flip these numbers.

Eagles 29, Giants 12

Dave Zangaro (12-4)

The Giants did a good job playing shy all week, but it wouldn’t be wise for them to play first with an already locked sixth seed. So even if Jalen Hurts wasn’t expected to play, the Eagles would still win this game because Gardner Minshaw can beat the Giants backups. And the Eagles still need this game to get the top seed in the NFC. This 14-point line is very useful.

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We saw a few weeks ago when the Eagles beat the Giants 48-22. This game may not be so lopsided but I think by the end of this game both teams will have backups on the field. And then the Eagles can use this bye week to prepare for the divisional round.

Eagles 28, Giants 12

Barrett Brooks (12-4)

It is the last regular season game of the year and the Birds are still playing the top seed. The Giants have already booked the No. 6 seed and the likelihood of Brian Dabul playing their starting linebacker is slim to none. There is no way Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley will play on Sunday. The Eagles must play to win, which means they must play the starters until there is a lead to sit the starters. As long as Jalen Hurts plays and the entire offense plays, the Eagles win that game and get the bye week to rest the entire team.

Eagles 28, Giants 17

Mike Mulhern (13-3)

Jalen Hurts may be a very long shot at winning the MVP award at this point, but we’ll find out how much he means to the Eagles. After the offense put together one of its worst performances in years, Hurts would return as the ultimate problem solver. It shouldn’t hurt that the Giants will likely bench most of their major starters.

While there was some doom and gloom among the fanbase after their second straight loss, the Eagles were set to pick up the top seed and get their health back at the right time. They will take care of business on Sunday and will be in prime position to run towards a second Lombardy Cup in five years.

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Eagles 31, Giants 13

Adam Hermann (14-2)

This is a strange match for analogy, because neither side reveals much about their players – who will play and who won’t? Sports-related mind games may have gone too far, but that’s an argument for another day.

It makes no sense to dive into the numbers on the New York side if their starters aren’t watching much (or any action). I trust the eagles at full strength vs. the giants at full strength, so I definitely trust the eagles at 90% health vs. the giants support.

As long as the birds do not go out and lay a second egg in a row, they must win and trap the first seed. You can see and hear the frustration and outright anger in the players’ reactions after last week’s loss. I can’t imagine a team with this kind of seasoned leadership (and talent) would lose a third in a row, especially against a team with nothing to play for.

Hopefully Jalen Hurts can go full speed and we can see what the face of the franchise looks like post-injury before he dives into the biggest sports month of his life.

Eagles 27, Giants 20

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