Egypt condemns the military actions of the Israeli army in Rafah

A foreign doctor who was close to Rafa testifies to “Le Monde”.

Israel’s special correspondent Jean-Philippe Rémy collected the testimony of James Smith, a foreign emergency physician working in the southern Gaza Strip. He says the worldIn audio news, last few hours.

“On Monday, several neighborhoods or “blocks” – according to the terminology prevailing among Israeli military forces – were classified as “red zones”. All these places are east of Rafah city. Some of these neighborhoods are very densely populated, they are residential neighborhoods and naturally they are sparsely populated. . [qu’avant les déplacements de population], People settled there in droves [au cours des derniers mois], expelled from other parts of Gaza. »

“Areas of Rafah are still classified as “green” but there is an obvious fear that they will become “red” very quickly. The strikes have been very intense since Monday. As happened in some parts of Gaza, the fleeing population is afraid of the strikes. Areas designated as red will be subject to airstrikes very quickly. The attacks, the artillery attacks, in a few hours, we saw a mass exodus from the afternoon.

“Many people fled to the west, towards the Green Zone, especially towards Al-Mawasi. This is a sandy area along the coast that is already full of displaced people from all parts of Gaza. As we drive along the coast road [le long de l’axe Al-Rachid], we see tabernacles even to the sea and to the edge of the water; The beach is crowded. Not so much when I was in December. Al-Mawasi is now overflowing with displaced people. On the road on Monday, there were probably hundreds of vehicles of all kinds, people carrying what was left of their belongings. They had left Rafah and were driving north to reach an area to seek refuge. »

Jean-Philippe Remy

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