Elden Ring Player beats his boss while sitting, mostly

elden ring He has some incredibly powerful bosses. It’s very likely that you will be smashed by the many towering foes roaming the lands in between – unless you’re the only player, who decides to drop the load and do absolutely nothing against a tough encounter early in the game.

Therefore, there is this optional field manager limgrave It is called a sentinel tree. Apart from the Multi-Weapon Scion that kills you in the beginning and knight easy tutorial You fight before reaching the first location of the game, Tree Sentinel works as follows elden ringThe first major obstacle. You see him dressed in golden armor and on top of a golden horse, just patrolling some of the woods nearby, looking for shit to kill. He’s tough, and this isn’t the only time you’ll meet him in the game. Fortunately, you can skip the Tree Sentinel entirely if you’re substandard or don’t want to deal with his big, stupid golden halberd just on the run.

Youtube HellWho is the Make meme videos about games And the Dive into popular discourseHe didn’t seem too concerned about the Tree Ranger, though. In fact, in a The last Twitter clipInferno was so tired, they threw their ass on some rocks while calling them dirty.

Inferno did nothing until almost the end of the fight. After calling Soldiers of Raya Lucaria, the ashes of a soul you find in Road’s End Catacombs that summons three warriors, Inferno sat and watched the brawl like some anime boss waiting for the fight to end before facing the rival. Hell was hit by a single blow, but due to their high health blessing, it was not a fatal blow. Once Raya Lucaria’s soldiers were dispatched, after they had nearly killed the Tree Sentinel themselves, Inferno went to clean the shop with a quick series of spear strikes. It was funny enough to watch.

Not everyone understood that the Inferno video was a joke. Since they wrote “The Game is Hard” with the clip, people online lost their minds at the suggestion elden ring Not as difficult as it actually is. (it’s a!) make fun of them Hell beating a Junior Chief. Aharon subscriber they Strategies To kill the sentinel tree, which consists mostly of back After leveling a little. This is the most likely explanation for how the soldiers in the video could also confront their boss.

Kotaku I’ve reached out to InfernoPlus for comment.

I like Enemies with cheese Like this, FromSoftware seems to encourage it with the ability to summon Soul Ashes and real-life players in the game. I did something similar when fighting the Tree Ranger, calling my ghostly wolves While you also get help from a warrior based on magic. We totally ruined it, but nothing was as easy as the Inferno method. the people get good at elden ringAnd the Kill enemies with style. I, on the other hand, will probably never get the credits.

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