Elon Musk confirms he turned down Bill Gates on climate change cooperation due to Tesla’s default

Elon Musk Friday confirmed that he refused to work with Bill Gates employment Climate change via text because a file Microsoft The co-founder was limiting himself to Tesla.

In the texts, two billionaires Looks like he’s ready to meet somewhere before Musk asks Gates if he still has “a half-billion-dollar short position in return.” Tesla. “

“Sorry to say I haven’t closed it yet,” Gates replies, adding in another text, “I’d like to discuss the possibilities for philanthropy.”

Musk responds that he can’t take Gates’ philanthropy on climate change seriously “when you have a short-term stand against Tesla, the company that is doing everything it can to solve climate change.”

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Elon Musk and Bill Gates have been at odds in the past. (Getty/AP/Getty Images)

The SpaceX Friday Night Billionaire confirmed The authenticity of a screenshot of the text exchange posted by @WholeMarsBlog who wrote “No idea if this is true” and asked Musk about it.

“Yes,” Musk replied, “but I didn’t leak it to the New York Times.” They must have gotten it through friends of friends. I heard from several people at TED that Gates still has half a billion short of Tesla, which is why I asked him, so it’s not entirely confidential.”

Short selling means that the investor is borrowing stock Assuming it will go down, which will benefit them.

Musk was also vulgarly trolling Gates tweet Friday Comparison of a Seattle photo and an emoji of a pregnant man.

(Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell - Paul/Getty Images)

Bill Gates attends the World Leaders Summit session “Accelerating Clean Technology Innovation and Diffusion” on the third day of COP26 on November 2, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. ((Photo by Jeff J. Mitchell-Paul/Getty Images)/Getty Images)

The New York Times did not appear to have reported the transcripts until early Sunday.


The Tesla CEO did not say when the exchange took place and it was not clear where the screenshot had appeared.

Gates has not yet publicly commented on the scripts.

Two businessmen were at odds in the past.

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