Elon Musk wants the SpaceX spacecraft to survive the “extremely intense reentry heat” before the launch vehicle's fourth test flight

Elon Musk-Owned SpaceX It recently made the third test flight of its spacecraft and is preparing for the next test. On Saturday, the billionaire set the goal of the next mission.

What happened: In a post on X on Saturday, Musk said: “Starship, at 5,000 tons, is the largest flying object ever built.” He noted that the thrust is more than twice that of the Saturn V moon rocket, the first spaceship design “capable of making life multi-planetary.”

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As the spacecraft prepares for its next mission, Musk said, “The goal of the next mission is to get through the very intense reentry heat.”

At 5,000 tons, Starship is the largest flying object ever built. The thrust is more than twice that of a Saturn V moon rocket.

It is the first design of a spaceship capable of sustaining multi-planetary life.

The goal of the next mission is to get through the intense heat of the meteorite's return. https://t.co/HjDJNsxlNM

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 31, 2024

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Why is it important: Starship is a powerful launch vehicle developed by SpaceX capable of carrying up to 100 people on long interplanetary journeys. It is also intended for satellite delivery, development of a lunar base, and point-to-point transportation on Earth.

Earlier this month, the spacecraft reached orbital speed for the first time on its third test flight from SpaceX's manufacturing and testing facilities near Boca Chica Beach In South Texas. SpaceX commentators said mission control lost contact with the Starship from two satellite systems simultaneously while the spacecraft was entering the planet's atmosphere at hypersonic speed.

Before the next Starship flight, SpaceX Announce On Monday it fired up all six of the Raptor's engines.

Typically, during pre-launch tests, the engines are lit briefly while the vehicle remains mounted on the platform. The fourth flight is likely to take place in early May.

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