Even with an ACL injury, Jameson Williams would be a very nice choice

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There is a chance, for the first time ever, that no player who regularly touches the ball will be taken into the first 10 draft picks. One of those players who looks set to make it into the top ten will get there even after being torn apart in the AFC Champions League in January.

As per league source, Alabama Jameson Williams He is considered a player who would be a very good choice.

It all comes back to raw speed. He is seen as having the type of speed who only enters the league once every 5-7 years.

The window might open for Williams as high as No. 4, if the planes wanted him but feared he wouldn’t be there at No. 10. Of course, New York Williams’ interest will depend on whether planes are traded Debo Samuel.

The Hawks could catch Williams in eighth place. And the Seahawks, who love to trade, could give up ninth place to someone like the Chiefs or The Packers before Jets takes Williams in tenth.

There’s no telling how high Williams is except for a torn ACL. For now, though, there’s no reason to believe that it will affect him. This could lead to Williams ending up much earlier than anyone realizes.

Pointspit has the odds of Williams being in the top ten by +110. It’s +2000 to move into the top five.

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