Final Fantasy XVI gameplay – dungeon, mid-boss, boss, ikon battle, and timed extensions

as part of the day Final Fantasy XVI Worldwide media tour coverage, Gematsu presents over 45 minutes of gameplay footage from Final Fantasy XVI The press-launched demo went live earlier this month.

Show stills Final Fantasy XV Protagonist Clive Rosefield, the hound of Torgal, and his companion Sidulphus Telamon, the controller of Ramuh, infiltrate Walwidder’s royal army in search of the dominator of fire, who is rumored to be held there. But he instead meets Benedicta, the ruler of Garuda, who turns her fugitives Subarna and Sherada on Clive, before eventually encountering Clive herself.

One of the game’s Eikon vs. Eikon fights also appears, in which Clive transforms into Eikon Ifrit and slams Garuda in a professional wrestling-style brawl.

Finally, the last clip shows the game’s “Timely” support extensions, which make a certain aspect of gaming easier for players who aren’t good at action games. These are completely optional, and can be equipped or removed at any time. While the video only shows the “Ring of Timely Focus” and “Ring of Timely Strikes” extensions, the full list is as follows:

  • Focus ring in time – Temporarily slows down the time before an incoming attack, giving you more time to react.
  • Help in a timely manner – Removes the need to manually give Torgal battle commands.
  • Loop strikes at the right time – Execute killer combos by pressing square only.
  • Evasion ring in time – Dodge most incoming attacks automatically.
  • Healing ring in time – Use potions automatically when your HP drops below a certain threshold.
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Final Fantasy XVI It is due out on PlayStation 5 on June 22nd.

See the footage below.

Dungeon: Waloeder’s Royal Army Keep

Battle with Suparna and Shirada

Battle with Benedicta

Ikkun’s battle with Garuda

Support extensions in a timely manner

* The contents displayed on the screen are from a special version designed for the media experience, and the contents may differ from the final version.

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