Five of six ski tourists who went missing in the Swiss Alps have been found dead

The group of Swiss nationals aged between 21 and 58 left Zermatt on Saturday morning with the aim of reaching the high-altitude village of Arola the same day. The hikers were missing from the TĂȘte Blanche area.

A family

Over the weekend, storms south of the Alps and the risk of avalanches prevented helicopters and rescue columns from approaching the area for long.

On Sunday evening, a team consisting of three rescuers and a police officer from the mountain squad was finally able to be airlifted “near the tent blanche cabin,” police said. “At 9:20 p.m., he reached the Ted Blanche sector where he found the bodies of five of the six missing.” The sixth climber has yet to be found. The search for him is ongoing.

Five of the six climbers belong to the same family. But the police have not yet revealed the identity of the bodies found.

Emergency services were alerted by a family member who was due to pick up the group in Arola on Saturday afternoon and a family member who was concerned that their loved ones had not arrived. The climbers were able to stay in the Col de TĂȘte Blanche sector, which is almost 3,500 meters above sea level, because one of them was able to reach the emergency services.

Storm Monica

Weather conditions associated with Monica's depression slowed relief efforts.

An attempt to land from Zermatt was made by five rescuers during the night from Saturday to Sunday, but due to bad weather and hazards they had to give up the altitude of more than 3,000 meters.

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