Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has requested an additional six-month visa to stay in the United States.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is on trial for his role in a January 8 violent attack on the headquarters of a national corporation in Brasilia, has applied for a six-month visa to stay in the United States, his lawyer said Monday. January 30.

The far-right former president had flown from Brazil to Florida two days before Lula’s inauguration.R January and his current visa is expected to expire soon, according to law firm AG Immigration. “We look forward to bringing our client great satisfaction and desired results”The company said in a statement. “In his situation, he needs stability now.” Felipe Alexandre, founder of the consulting firm, assesses.

Mr. Bolsonaro reportedly entered the United States on a visa issued to visiting leaders, which expires on Tuesday because he is no longer on official duty.

Elected US Democrats are rallying

The former Brazilian president had indicated on CNN antennae in Brazil that he would like to return at the end of January and that he is even considering a return due to health reasons. Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed during a 2018 election campaign. He underwent several surgeries for intestinal obstruction.

On January 8, thousands of Bolsonaro supporters, displeased with Lula da Silva’s victory over the far-right former president in the October 2022 presidential election, stormed and vandalized the presidential palace, Congress and the Supreme Court in Brasilia.

A few days later, elected Democrats called on Joe Biden to revoke Jair Bolsonaro’s visa, after the United States refused to act as a refuge for the former leader. “Mr. Bolsonaro or any other former Brazilian official should not be allowed asylum in the United States to escape justice for any crimes committed during his mandate.”These 41 elected officials, all Democrats, write an open letter to President Biden.

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Former Justice Minister Anderson Torres was arrested on Jan. 14 as part of an investigation into the robbery while flying back from the United States.

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