Forty NATO ships anchored in Stockholm before training


Sweden, like Finland, has been asked to join NATO. Its candidacy is under consideration, but it does not preclude the Nordic Kingdom from being too close to the Atlantic Alliance already, and for many years. Residents of Stockholm were able to realize this by arriving at the port of about forty warships that have been taking part in the maneuvers in the Baltic Sea since this Sunday.

With our correspondent in Stockholm, Frederick Falls

The first of these fleets, Stockholm residents cannot miss it. Helicopter carrier USS Kearsarge, And its 257 m long, it was difficult to find its place in the port of the Swedish capital. Around him, at sea, in various parts of the city, 40 ships came from the United States, but also from a dozen allies.

Communication function

This is an excellent communications operation for NATO, which was grounded in Stockholm as Sweden celebrates the 500th anniversary of its navy this weekend. And for those who came to see and photograph this fancy Armada, it was like a costume rehearsal. Their country’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance.

Anyway, this is the feeling of Marcus and Jacob: “ We had NATO ships before, but not so big. We need the protection that NATO brings to us because we are a little closer to the Russians “Says one of the two residents.” I totally agree. It is wonderful to see all these countries behind us ! “Another continues.

The fleet will reach the Baltic Sea from Stockholm this Sunday, where it will take part in a twelve-day maneuver at the gates of the Russian naval base at Kaliningrad.

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