G7 “stands ready to take action” against Iran in case of “other destabilization attempts”

The UK has confirmed it shot down several Iranian drones in support of Israel

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak confirmed on Sunday that the British military plane had been shot down “many” Iranian drones during Tehran's attack on Israel last night.

“I can confirm that our pilots shot down several Iranian attack drones”Mr Sunak said In a recorded video message from Downing StreetJust before the meeting of the leaders of the seven (G7) nations, which includes the United Kingdom. “What we need now is peace. We will work with our partners to mitigate the situation.he added.

U.S. President Joe Biden said overnight that U.S. forces helped bring down the country “almost all” Iran launches drones and missiles at Israel

According to the Israeli military, France is among Israel's allies that have helped defend itself against an Iranian attack. “France has made an important contribution”Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari told foreign journalists on Sunday morning, including Samuel Foray, the world Right there.

According to information from the worldSeveral Iranian vectors were intercepted above French influence located in Iraq and Jordan. “France has ground-to-air defense elements in the region to protect its forces, which were used to neutralize those flying over our territories.”A source familiar with the matter confirmed the matter anonymously.

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