Gabriel Attal warns that the French will be asked for a “global effort” in 2024 to “reduce debt”.

In “Figaro” columns, the minister responsible for public accounts announces that the budget to be presented to Parliament in the coming months will include “savings” in certain sectors.

Low taxes and reduced debt? This is a project by Gabriel Atal 2024 BudgetIt will be presented to the National Assembly and Senate in the fall. In an interview with PicaroThe minister responsible for public accounts confirms that “debt reduction is a national emergency”.

“We prefer proactive, but progressive debt reduction to austerity measures that have adverse effects on economic activity,” Gabriel Attal explains in the columns of the daily, hammering that this “ambitious commitment” will be “defended.”

“It would be a lie for all French people to say there won’t be a global effort to reduce debt”, however the minister admits.

A significant public debt. INSEE reported at the end of June that it exceeded the index threshold of 3000 billion euros for the first time in the first quarter.

“Empowering Organizations and Users”

Gabriel Attal wants to “systematically consider” the impact of each path on the economy of the “middle class”. A category of demographics the minister defines as “the French people who feel too rich to be poor and too poor to be rich”.

However, the government wants to “save money” in certain sectors, Gabriel Atal says, noting that “we will again significantly reduce subsidized contracts”. However, he refuses to “talk about austerity in a country that spends more than it earns.”

“In the social security budget, I consider that we must take measures to prevent the increase in the number of sick leaves”, especially the minister, side businesses and “responsibility (…) wants to do. Users.

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Finally, Bruno Le Maire recently noted a possible gap in tax cuts, with Gabriel Attal promising that “in 2027, French and businesses [en] Pay less than 2022”.

“The pace of tax cuts matters, and this pace depends on the economic situation, our debt reduction path and the needs of businesses and households,” the minister responsible for public accounts said.

Key ingredients

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