Galaxy S21 update brings 3x Hyperlapse mode, improved camera performance

Samsung announced earlier today that it is Bring new camera features and improve photo and video quality to me Galaxy S22And the Galaxy S22 +and the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This update is for him Already released in Germany and South Korea. It was the same update Released for Galaxy S21 series in some markets.

Latest software update Galaxy S21And the Galaxy S21 +and the Galaxy S21 Ultra In South Korea, it has improved image quality, better video quality, and 3x telephoto camera compatibility with Hyperlapse mode (which debuted with One UI 5.0 beta and Galaxy Z Fold 4). The update is available in Germany and South Korea. In South Korea, the update carries the firmware version G99xNKSU3CVH7. In Germany, the update comes with the firmware version G99xBXXU5CVH7.

Galaxy S21 software last update August 2022 brings improved QR code scanning, Hyperlapse 3x video recording and more

The update brings a better QR code reader as well. The QR code reader area in the stock camera app is now larger, so scanning is easier. Significantly improved QR code scanning speed. In addition, the camera can now recognize both the document and the QR code within the document, and you can tap either of them to let the camera know what to capture.

Earlier, when a user rejected the result of scanning a QR code, the camera would not allow this QR code to be scanned again. Now, that has been fixed, and the user can re-scan the same QR code. Samsung He said that overall picture and video quality has been improved, providing HDR, colors and better video stabilization.

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The update also improves sending and receiving multiple images via messages. Users can now view them collectively in a circle. Phones now also support message notification recording in group chats.

If you are a Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 Ultra user in Germany or South Korea, you can download and install the new software update by going to Settings ยป system update and tapping on Download and install. You can also Download the latest firmware file from our database Flash it manually.

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