German media say Germany will announce delivery of Leopard tanks to Kiev

Berlin Leopard promises quick results on tanks

Under pressure for days, Germany opened the way on Tuesday to authorize allies to supply Leopard heavy tanks as demanded by Ukraine, vowing to respond. “urgently” At the request of Poland.

In Berlin on Tuesday, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said he was “Allies who have Leopard tanks on standby were openly encouraged to train Ukrainian forces on these tanks. ยป, During the press conference with Jens StoltenbergSecretary General of NATO.

The reports are a step forward for Germany’s position as Olaf Scholes’ government comes under increasing pressure to agree to NATO member states wanting to supply German-made Panther tanks to Ukraine.

So far, Finland and Poland have indicated their willingness to do so. Warsaw wants to build “Coalition of Countries Supporting Ukraine with Leopard 2 Tanks”Officially sent a request for this, the receipt of which was confirmed by Berlin on Tuesday. “We will process the request expeditiously as per the procedure provided”A spokesman for the German government promised.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he expects a quick response. “Because Germans delay, procrastinate, and act hard to understand”. The head of NATO, for his part, “Clear Message” of The new German Defense Minister, Less than a week in the office. Reiterating the importance of supplying Kiev with more heavy weapons, Mr. Stoltenberg said “faith” There will actually be a solution “soon” Found in tanks.

“Such births do no good” On the other hand, for Russian-German relations, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded on Tuesday. “Leaving an Indelible Mark”.

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