Germany ranks England as the most dangerous country

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11:07 : Since the onset of the epidemic the mental health of the French has deteriorated and the consumption of antioxidants and antidepressants has increased. 68-year-old retired grandfather Jean Paul is now surprised “Many Sacrifices” Accept leadership “A short life is still an exciting project”. You can read his testimony and more here.

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11h00 : Year-end celebrations still take place under the epidemic. It is a health stress that puts more and more weight on the French. Mary and a few others told me how Kovit has become a real mental burden in their daily lives. Read here.

10h38 : Hello @ Lamamandelulo. You should actually cancel your appointment for your booster dose injection. The Website of the Ministry of Health This means that you can claim it five months after the date of your infection, but this period can be reduced to 4 months after the announcements made by Jean Costex on Friday. Until then, the recovery certificate you receive once you are free of illness will allow you to hold a valid Health Pass. I take this message to wish you a speedy recovery and a happy holiday!

11h04 : After two vaccine doses, I contracted Govt infection on 12/14. I need to take the 3rd dose on 12/28. I think it should be canceled but no one has given us a clear answer. This is so disgusting. Will my vaccination license still be valid with the new government decision?

11h03 : Daphne was released It devotes its first page to the arrival of holidaymakers on the slopes during year-end celebrations. Mountaineers believe the Govt-19 epidemic will not ruin the tourist season much.

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09h55 : IlGilles de Retz Unfortunately, the experts I interviewed on this question were particularly pleased with the good results of the booster dose against the delta variant. Omigron, which should soon become the majority in France, is unfortunately more contagious than Delta and less sensitive to the vaccine. This raises the concern that the vaccine may be less effective in controlling the spread without being unnecessary. However, we will have to wait for more studies to be confirmed in this regard.

09h54 : Hello IlGilles de Retz. I worked Two articles Who raises this question Last week, especially about the booster dose. To sum them up in two words: By stimulating our immune system for the third time, vaccines cause a very sharp increase in the level of neutralizing antibodies against the corona virus. Not only gaining immunity as a result against the severe forms and deaths associated with the disease, but also gaining strong protection against infection and spread.

11h02 : Hello FI. Let me try again my question about the spread: Do vaccinated people spread the virus less than non-vaccinated people?

11h02 : Sunday Daily Omigron dedicates its first page to the French arrival of the variant, which, according to Oliver Veron, is responsible for most of the pollution caused by Covit-19 in our country in the days to come. The weekly magazine evokes a very worrying situation: crossing 80,000 pollutants a day by Christmas Eve.

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11h01 : Hello. Vaccines against Govit-19 are not 100% effective (as with other vaccines in that regard), and having a complete vaccination schedule does not guarantee hospitalization due to Sars-CoV-2. But in proportion to those who have not been vaccinated, those who have been vaccinated are much less likely to be hospitalized due to the virus, and these figures show that if they had benefited from a booster dose. Parisian.

11h01 : Hello, Are all the patients admitted for intensive care not vaccinated or are there still patients admitted to the hospital with a complete vaccination schedule? Thanks and have a good Sunday.

11h01 : And without further ado we start with the first point of the day’s message:

Regulation in the Netherlands, Warning procedure triggered in London, New Year’s fireworks display canceled at Champs-Elysées in Paris: A week before Christmas, restrictions are mounting around the world in the face of the most rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

Chilean voters Call to elect their leader One of two candidates with completely opposed social agendas: one from the far right and the other from the far left. Presentation of issues in this article.

Boris Johnson has the end of the year: already weak, British PM He lost his foreign secretary for Brexit last night, Citing political differences.

At least 75 people have been killed during the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines this year.

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