Giants select Alabama to face J.C. Latham in the first round of the NFL draft

Detroit – JC Latham had a plan.

On one of the biggest nights of his life, the University of Alabama team learned his name would be called in the NFL draft, but he didn't know exactly when.

He also knew that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had recently undergone back surgery.

So, when the Giants selected Latham with the seventh overall pick on Thursday night, Latham controlled the excitement while giving Goodell a big hug, lifting him off the ground.

“(Goodell) told me when I picked him up, ‘Don’t pick him up from his lower back because that’s where you had the surgery,’” Latham said after he was selected. “So, I made sure I came out on top… I hope it's OK. If not, I apologize. I hope it's (good).”

Latham said it was a great moment when the Titans called him.

“It was crazy,” Latham said. “I didn't shed a tear. I just felt relieved, because this whole process is officially over. I'm officially a professional player now. I almost shed a tear – my mum said my great-grandmother would be really proud of that. Lee, it means a lot to me.”

“It's amazing (to be a Giant). I'm ready to get to work. It means a lot for a team or organization to trust me with the selection and I want to build on that trust, build on that foundation, and have success.” “The earth is running.”

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