Google Contacts cleans up the lists with its Connected Apps section.

In the latest update to Google Contacts, the app cleans up how contact information taken from other services like WhatsApp appears in each list.

Google Contacts supports displaying information from your Google account as well as contacts stored locally on your device, but another useful trick is the ability to store contact information from other apps on your phone. However, this information often got out of hand in older versions of the app.

As spotted com.TheSpandroidGoogle Contacts version 4.26 fixes this issue by better formatting Connected Apps in collapsible lists.

With this release, Contacts displays a new “Connected Apps” section below the main contact information. This works with apps on your phone that you've used with contact information in those other apps and allows for messaging as well as voice and video calls. WhatsApp and Telegram are good examples of this, but it also works with Google Meet and other apps as well.

Before this, Google Contacts listed all of these options in a menu below the main contact number, and it could quickly Gets out of control.

It appears that this change will be rolled out to all users, although results may vary as it may be a server-side modification. Do you see the change? Let us know in the comments.

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