Google emphasizes pixel value and features first

With the Fixed on Pixel Super Bowl commercial, a new tagline was introduced: “The only phone built by Google.” Google’s latest ad campaign continues on that and emphasizes “pixel value”.

pixel value

the “pixel valueCampaign advertises the 7 and 7 Pro as “Designed by Google.” Made for everyone.”

The main point made on this Google Store page is about the Drops feature and how the quarterly release of new features means “you don’t have to keep getting a new phone”.

Unlike other smartphones, the Pixel is built to last because it’s built to update. New features are sent to your phone every few months – for camera, battery and more – without taking up much space and before other Android devices get it.

Pixel phones have always been the first to use new Google features, but this marketing copy — “before other Android devices get it” — is really quite frank. For example, we saw the Pixel 6/7’s Magic Eraser come to any Google One subscriber on Android or iOS earlier this week.

“Refined craftsmanship” speaks of IP68 water/dust resistance, “recycled aluminum coating,” and “durable Gorilla Glass.” [Victus]. Google then talks about a few more AI-powered calling features like Call Assist for spam and unknown numbers, with the addition of Google Assistant. There is also Clear Calling and Direct My Call.

Surprisingly, the camera comes in at number three on the list, followed by “dedicated help when and where you need it.” This discusses Tensor G2, Live Translate, and the Personal Safety app with Car Crash Detection.

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Sustainability is the penultimate section, and “compatibility” is the following:

Works well with Pixel devices. And others too.

Listen to music with AirPods®, use your GALAXY® and Garmin® Watches, and connect with other devices you already own.

“Switch to Pixel. Get your stuff.”

a New second campaign on the Google Store He talks about the perennial issue of switching OEMs and operating systems.

It’s highlighted how each Google account gives you “industry-leading 15 GB of free cloud storage” and how you can “access your photos, files and more without your phone.” This is an interactive tool that shows how to switch from an iPhone or Android.

Google emphasizes how people will continue to communicate after switching to a Pixel. WhatsApp was mentioned, and nearby sharing was introduced. Messages are also mentioned, while it’s particularly interesting that besides Google Meet, you can “join a friend’s FaceTime call in your browser”.

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