Google's next foldable phone could be the 'Pixel 9 Pro Fold'

According to a new report, Google appears to be aligning its next foldable Android phone with the rest of this fall's Pixel 9 lineup by calling it the “Pixel 9 Pro Fold.”

When the first Pixel Fold launched, it happened in the gap between the launch of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8. Despite its much higher price point and close proximity to the launch of the Pixel 8, the Pixel Fold lacked some of the features of the Pixel 8 series. This made a bit of sense when you considered that it was It runs the same Tensor G2 from the 2022 phones, not the newer Tensor G3.

This year, Google appears to be working to more fully align the second-generation foldable with the rest of its fall flagship lineup. We previously learned that the Pixel Fold sequel would leap forward to use the same Tensor G4 as found in the Pixel 9. Now, as reported Robot bodyQuoting a Google insider, this unification will see the foldable branded as the “Pixel 9 Pro Fold”. Until recently, Google reportedly referred to it as the “Pixel Fold 2.”

The new report highlights confirmed details about Google's intentions with what was formerly known as the Pixel Fold 2. But given that the processor included will be the same, the use of Pixel 9 branding makes it easier to know what features to expect. It follows a pattern established by Google's mid-range A-series phones, with some Pixel 7-exclusive features appearing in the Pixel 7a. Likewise, the inclusion of “Pro” branding should confirm that the pro-level features (Gemini Nano on the device, pro camera settings, etc.) will be available on the new foldable device.

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It remains to be seen when Google will launch the alleged Pixel 9 Pro Fold. If the company chooses to include it in its fall 2024 lineup, we'll be looking at up to four Pixel 9 devices launching simultaneously. Leaks have previously shown that Google is preparing a larger Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL, with these rumors adding a larger option to the mix.

A fall launch would set Google apart from other Android device makers, which typically arrange their foldable phones for access separately from traditional Candybar devices. For example, Samsung typically launches its Galaxy S flagships in January/February, while the Galaxy Flip and Fold arrive in August.


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