Govt-19 – “The Omigron wave will follow the delta wave”: “We must take action to counter it” because “we will not manage to destroy this uprising”, Alain Fischer warns

Professor Alain Fischer, who was appointed a year ago to coordinate the vaccine-fighting vaccine-19 vaccine strategy, was a morning guest at France Inter on Monday morning.

According to him, “The Obscure delta This is followed Fuzzy omigron Infection than (…) Variations Previous “” We need to take action to counter it “.

Alain Fischer Admitted that the question arises anew Restrictions. ÔÇťAdaptations depend on the size of the slope Contaminants And, above all, the important thing is to get as much extra hospitalization as possible, stay in intensive care and, unfortunately, avoid death. This parameter, in turn, makes it possible to take additional action, if necessary..

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Prohibition gestures

Alain Fischer also recalled a need “Strict Respect for Prohibition Gestures” : “Do not meet in large numbers during the holidays”, “Take, for example, an antigenic test, within 24 hours before finding others (…) and withdrawing ourselves if we are positive.

“We will not manage to destroy this uprising. If I say over time, it is necessary to try to soften it, so that the hospital system is under severe pressure, we know, shot.”.

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