Govt: New record of pollution in the UK

The United Kingdom this Wednesday recorded a record of govt pollution in the last 24 hours, a sign of an infection with a full rash on the face, in particular, the appearance of an omigran variant.

According to the official account of the authorities, 78,610 pollutants Identified within 24 hours UK, With 68,053 positive cases, a record since the outbreak on January 8, 2021, more than the previous peak.

The eruption came as the UK was hit hard Variation Omicron du Corona virus. The country recorded the first death of a person contaminated by this variation on Monday, December 13, which is officially the first time in the world.

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Govt: The United Kingdom has announced the world’s first death caused by the Omigron variant

As the first cases of the new variant were discovered in the United Kingdom on 27 November, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson Imposing strict restrictions, the country a “Tsunami” Omigron was coming.

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Govt: UK faces “wave” of Omigron variant, warns Boris Johnson

Therefore, Boris Johnson announced the launch of a large-scale vaccination booster campaign aimed at providing an extra dose to all adults by the end of December. “All people 18 years of age and older in the UK will have the opportunity to get the booster vaccine before the New Year”Boris Johnson said in a televised speech.

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Covid: Faced with a strong rise in the Omigron variant, the United Kingdom has stepped up its warning level and stepped up the vaccine booster.

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Christmas holidays and vaccinating one million people a day is twice as much as 530,000 a day.

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