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Melanie Lynskey opens up about drifting apart from her best friend from before and Heavenly creatures co-star Kate Winslet.

While speaking with Josh Horowitz on the site happy sad confused Podcast Thursday on the nature of the industry and how people “move” after projects, the Yellow jackets The actress explained, “When I lost contact with Kate, it was more heartbreaking than some of the breakups I’ve been through.

She added, “It was very traumatic because it wasn’t like anything that happened, she had become a giant international movie star and she didn’t have much time.” “I wouldn’t hear from her, you know, and it kind of happened gradually, and it happens in relationships. People kind of drift apart, but it was very painful for me.”

But before there was a bond between them and before she landed the role of Pauline Parker in the Oscar-nominated film, Lynskey said she actually looked up to Winslet because she “set the bar.”

When I initially auditioned for the role, it was Teamwork The actress said that director Peter Jackson showed her Winslet’s audition tape and told her, “That’s how good you are.” She found that helpful, and once she got the part, she said, “He must have felt like I did.”

Although the two have not crossed paths much since then Heavenly creaturesexcept for the 2009 Lynskey premiere We go awayShe said that Winslet has always been her “huge inspiration”. Lynskey particularly appreciates “how gracefully she handled” negative comments about her body image, something Lynskey has also faced throughout her career.

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“She’s a very, very confident person, but she’s…so sensitive and the way she’s been dissected and talked about, I remember at the time being so angry on her behalf,” she explained. “Like the Kate Winslet of the world, Kate Winslet shoots movies and you get to witness that talent. … This is an actor who comes along once in a generation, just focus on that.”

Both have gone on to rack up successful careers since their 1994 movie, however to intervene The actress explained that her friendship with Winslet wasn’t the only one that affected her deeply. Lynskey said it actually “happened a few times”.

“I remember one time I did a movie with this actor and when we finished I said, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so glad I met you and we have this friendship,'” and she was like, “Yeah I’m not friends with the actors.” I don’t stay friends with actors.”

While she used to be “very sensitive” about losing connections in the industry, over time, she’s learned that’s just the way it works. She added, “I was always so hurt by the loss of this, like, great love I had and it just got easier.”

Hollywood Reporter I’ve reached out to the Winslet team for comment.

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