Halle Berry hugs her big fluffy dogs in an adorable snap to celebrate your pet’s day

Halle Berry celebrates National Pet Day in a big way.

The Catwoman star, 56, shared a precious snap of herself with her two big fluffy Labradoodles, Jackson and Roman, on Instagram.

The X-Men actress — who recently shared a video of herself getting her face transplanted at a charity event — was wearing an oatmeal sweater that perfectly matched her pup’s fur as she sat next to them on a pastel-colored couch.

She captioned the snap, “I heard your love on your pet!” I love my children very much! He followed it up with two heart emojis.

Jackson and Roman seem completely unaffected by the Oscar-winner’s outpouring of affection.

Puppy love: Halle Berry shared a snap of her snuggling with her two Labradoodles Jackson and Roman in celebration of Patriotic Love on Pet Day

Back in 2017, Haley shared a photo of Jackson on Facebook and captioned it with a sentiment that all dog lovers will understand: “Everyone thinks they have the cutest dog, and none of us are wrong!” #livinglikejackson’.

The John Wick star’s cute tribute to her dogs comes about a week after she shared a hilarious Instagram video of her doing a “face plant” while going up to claim the podium at a charity event.

She poked fun at herself for good reason when she shared a video of herself having a major fall with her 8.1 million followers to promote Look Beyond LA.

“Sometimes you bust your a**!” Umm Nahla, 14, and Maceo, 9, commented on her message.

‘What happened was…. My dear friend @shillahekmatpiano invited me to speak at her charity gala to celebrate an amazing organization called @lookbeyondla that is raising money for children with special needs…then it happened!!!

‘I face planted.’ If you can go to lookbeyondla.com and make a donation. Kids are worth it! “

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Haley was on hand to present an award at the luncheon and took a tumble trying to join her best friend Sheila judging the podium.

In Perry’s video, she is seen falling out of frame as the audience gasps, at which point the video freezes and zooms in on her black stiletto heels.

Best Dog: The former Academy Award winner shared a post declaring Jackson the best dog

A red arrow points to Haley’s stylish shoes, along with a funny message that reads, “Yes, that’s me.”

Recovering like the formidable professional that she is, the Die Another Day star jumped back in and commanded the mic.

She giggled between her hands as the room erupted in applause, prompting her to say, “Well, if you saw this on the Internet, Van’s coming for you,” referring to her lover, Van Hunt.

Rocking her blonde hairdo, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a black Zuhair Murad bodysuit adorned with metallic studs.

Halle’s stylist Lindsey Flores captioned the fall video: “When this magical woman falls…. she gets a right back up F •• K!!!!!!!!

Haley’s friend Sheila Hikmat — who co-chaired the luncheon — also posted some group photos from the event and wrote a touching tribute to Berry in the caption.

I am so grateful to my dear friend @halleberry, he really is one in a million. We were thrilled to be presented with the 2023 Soaring Spirit Award…”

“Thank you my sweet friend for having me!” Berry replied. What a wonderful event and cause. Bravo to all of you!

In addition to supporting charitable causes, Haley is making a difference in the health and wellness field by becoming the Chief Communications Officer for Pendulum Therapeutics.

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Falling: The Catwoman star recently shared a video in which she tripped and fell on her face at a charity event in Los Angeles
Sense of humor: Haley had a sense of humor about her downfall and laughed at it

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