Hamas says it has accepted a ceasefire proposal put forward by Egypt and Qatar

Hamas announces it has notified Egypt and Qatar that it has accepted their proposal for a cease-fire with Israel in the seven-month-old war-torn Gaza Strip. “Hamas Political Bureau Chief Ismail Haniyeh spoke by phone with Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdelrahmane Al Thani and Egyptian Intelligence Minister Abbas Kamel and said Hamas has approved their ‘ceasefire agreement.’, according to a press release posted on the Palestinian Movement’s website on Monday, May 6. At this stage, Israel has yet to announce its decision. Follow our live stream.

Interview between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu. As Israel prepares to launch a major offensive in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, the US President will meet with the Israeli Prime Minister. “We have made clear to the Israeli government our views on a major ground invasion in Rafah and the president will speak to the prime minister today.”A spokesman for the US National Security Council announced.

The Palestinian Civil Defense reported the blast in Rafah. In the morning, the Israeli army invited Gazans in East Rafah to join “Humanitarian Zones”, Palestine Civil Defense Gaza confirmed to AFP that Israeli forces had intensified bombing of two neighborhoods in the city. Israeli aerial and artillery bombardment, “It has been going on since last night and has been intensifying since this morning”, A spokesman explained that in two of the targeted neighborhoods, al-Shuqa and al-Salam, the Israeli army asked residents to evacuate..

An “unacceptable” attack on the EU. The EU’s head of diplomacy, Joseph Borrell, judges “unacceptable” An evacuation order issued by Israel to residents of the eastern city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. This eviction order “Means the worst: more war and famineā€He reacted. Israel must abandon ground attacks At Rafa, Joseph Borrell emphasized In a message published on X. France, for its part, recalled it on Monday “Resolute Resistance” Foreign Ministry urges Israeli attack on Rafah “The forced displacement of civilians is a war crime under international law.”

Israel vacates East Rafah. It is an operation “of limited extent”, According to Tel Aviv. The Israeli military on Monday called on the Gazans, east of the town of Rafah, against which Israel has been hammering out its intention to launch a major military offensive for months. “Humanitarian Zones”. According to the Israeli military, the move is worrying “About 100,000 people”. About 1.2 million people, the majority driven there by the fighting, are concentrated in Rafah, the UN underlines.

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