He joined Florida by plane and finds himself alone on the plane

Released Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

A young British man traveling from the United Kingdom to Florida was found alone on his plane. If he had enjoyed his journey, the climate assessment of these flights would have raised questions.

The nine-hour flight was spent alone on a British Airways crew.

The situation is unlikely, but this is what happened to Kay Forsyth, a British student who moved from the United Kingdom to Orlando, Florida (USA). The young man, who will continue his studies across the Atlantic, took the opportunity to tell his journey on the social network TikTok, where his adventure was a huge success.

If he could not use business class as he expected, he apparently used the space he had to create a temporary bed on this plane.DisgustingSpacious.They actually gave me all the food they had“, He said in the application, it”Very comfortable trip [qu’il] Went on the plane“.

A complex climate impact

In April 2019, a man in a similar situation traveled between Lithuania and the Italian city of Bergamo without any other passengers. Most recently, a number of empty flights made by airlines to avoid losing their seats have raised questions.

This type of aircraft raises the question of their carbon footprint: according to Ouest-France’s estimates, the young British aircraft produced more than 1681 tons of CO2, although a Frenchman consumed 11 tons of medium CO2 per year. If it seems to suit the taste of the British student, then such a plane consumes 150 times more CO2 than the average Frenchman. Last August, the French Parliament a “Climate Law” It aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, in particular by banning advertising related to the marketing or promotion of fossil fuels.

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