Heaps of controversial achievements for easy removal of Gamerscore title from Xbox Store

Controversial language combinations for Gamerscore-friendly title One Step After Fall were removed from the Xbox Store after a tweet last month from ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla saying Microsoft would look into the game.

Earlier this year, developer TBGS Indie Studio released One Step After Fall, a first-person narrative adventure game with achievements that can be unlocked in about 15 minutes. UPDATED SOON 1000GB FREE TITLE UPDATE BEFORE TBGS releases a 2000GB Game Windows Bundle. In March, we saw TBGS release the same game again twice but with different translations and new achievement stacks, which some members of the achievement community thought was a step too far. Now, the controversial language stacks have been removed from the Xbox Store.

One Step After Fall language packs have been removed from the Xbox Store

One Step After Fall (Español) and One Step After Fall (German) have both been removed from sale on the Xbox Store. We’re not sure exactly why this is, from what we can tell, TBGS didn’t break any of Microsoft’s rules. When the first Spanish-language pack was released, it caught the attention of ID @ Xbox head Chris Charla who said Microsoft would “take a look” at the situation. We don’t know if Microsoft took action here or if something else happened, but we’ve reached out to TBGS Indie Studio for comment.

Both the original game and the Windows bundle remain unaffected and are still listed in the digital storefront.

In an interview with TrueAchievements last month, TBGS said it would release more language sets from One Step After Fall and more free title updates for the game. On April 18th, TBGS is set to release One Step After Fall (Español) (Windows) – a Windows bundle for the game but in Spanish. Unlike other games that have been removed from the list, the store page is still live for this game, but it is not available for purchase, so we are not sure if this game will actually be released next week.

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