His re-election candidate, Joe Biden, collapsed on stage during a ceremony

President of the United States Joe Biden80 years old, according to “doing well”. White Houseafter collapsing during a military ceremony Thursday in Colorado Springs, in the western United States.

The Democrat, who presented diplomas to students at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, apparently tripped over a black bag and got down on his knees and hands. “He’s fine. There was a sandbag on stage when he shook hands,” his communications director Ben LaBolt tweeted.

Joe Biden, whose age and physical shape have been under constant attack by some of his political opponents, later rose with the help of a soldier at his side and his bodyguards. We saw him point to this bag of sand as if to position a device on the scene, explaining the cause of its fall.

President, the candidate for the 2024 election faces a particular Republican challenge Donald Trump, who attended the end of the ceremony, was unscathed by the fall. He then took the plane back to Washington and climbed the stairs without pausing to answer the reporters at the scene.

Back at the White House, the president, with a smile, launched into a joke, difficult to translate into French, to the press from afar. “I was knocked out,” he said. In English, “I got sandbagged”, an expression that refers to a sandbag in English.

“No need to rush”

In June 2022, a picture of a Democrat falling down during a bike ride was already causing a stir. Again, Joe Biden woke up and suffered no particular physical consequences.

The Democrat’s most recent health checkup, in February, found him in good health. But according to polls, Most Americans believe he is too old to run for a second term.

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His supporters rushed to his defense on Twitter. The president “stood on stage for two hours shaking hands with graduates,” his former chief of staff, Ron Klein, tweeted, “no need to panic.”

“For example, I’ve never, ever tripped over anything, not once,” joked Kate Bedingfield, her former communications director.

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