His teammates say Russell Wilson wasted no time in becoming the Broncos captain

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Russell Wilson He was only the Broncos quarterback for a month out of the season, but he’s already established himself as a captain.

Bronco receiver Cortland Sutton Wilson says he regularly hits him on FaceTime to discuss what they would do in the field together.

Knowledge of the game To a different level,” Sutton said, via ESPN’s Jeff Legold. “It’s so easy, he wants everyone around him to understand it the way he understands it. . . . [But] You can all feel it, we all feel it, juice is completely different. I wasn’t here when Peyton Manning was here, but everyone who was here when Peyton was told juice is similar. . . . Everyone understands that we have to work at a different level and a different standard.”

And it’s not just offensive players who hear from Wilson.

“some days [after] We figured we’d have Ross as the quarterback, shoot me via FaceTime,” Justin Simmons She said. “[He] He just expressed his happiness. . . I was like, “We’re excited.”

Wilson was also involved in recruiting players in Denver immediately upon arriving with a defensive end Randy Gregory Saying that Wilson called him constantly when Gregory was deciding between staying with the Cowboys and signing with the Broncos.

“I don’t know if it was eight times,” Gregory said, “but he hit me a lot.” “The first night I was afraid to respond, there was a lot of uncertainty with everything going on. I woke up the next morning and the first text I saw from him was again. Then he sent me another one. You said you know what—and care about you, he’s guiding me across FaceTiming throughout this whole process. It’s funny – he was coming from the children’s hospital. There’s a certain picture of him in public. It was funny, I was telling my dad, and I was telling my wife, I was like, ‘It’s literally what’s out there in public.’ ‘It’s coming from a child [Hospital]taking the time to call someone trying to bring him into the team.”

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Wilson was quickly impressed as a captain in Seattle when he first became the quarterback as a rookie. He’s making another quick impression in Denver.

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