His wife prepares instant noodles for him at every meal, and he files for divorce – edition du soir Ouest-France


Every day the wife cooks at home. At each meal, she serves him the same thing: instant noodles. Tired, the husband wanted to ask for a divorce rather than start cooking. It was not long before this extraordinary secession issue in India was published by the country’s newspapers.

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This is an unusual divorce case. The judge who heard the case in Bellary, Karnataka, was taken by surprise IndiaI could not help but say that to the Indian daily New Indian Express. Among the layers of divorce files she receives, there is one reason that catches her attention: the frustrated husband explains that he is tired of eating the same thing over and over again. He thinks it’s up to his wife to prepare his food, and she agrees, but her husband complains, arguing that he does not like them …

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Instant noodles for breakfast too

In the divorce application file sent to the judge, the husband explained that his wife only prepares instant noodles for every meal, even breakfast. Because she doesn’t know how to cook anything else. After all, she’s not buying anything else at the supermarket … so, he says, she wants to ask for a divorce, rather than cooking.

The pair can quickly separate into nice and perfect shape. But this will ultimately be by mutual consent.

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Isn’t that an isolated case?

The reason for this divorce is very unusual in India. He was so surprised and made the Indian judge laugh that he renamed the file “The Maggie affair”, Named after the brand name of Instant Noodles. But, cases where couples seek divorce for minor reasons or A pioneer There are plenty of useless ones. He recalled a man seeking a divorce for salt he put on the wrong side of the plate and another who had trouble with the color of the suit.

But in general divorces are gradually increasing in India every year. There, the couple must be together for at least a year before taking steps to officially separate. Without this legal deadline, the judge considers “Many divorce applications will be filed immediately in the wedding halls of the town halls”.

For its part, the “Maggie affair” couple have been married for more than a year, so can divorce. On the other hand, the magistrate did not specify what the man would like to eat once again.

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