Hit cat “Stray” comes to Mac

A cat-centric cyberpunk adventure stray Officially coming to Mac. The critically acclaimed title will be available on all Apple silicon models, from the most powerful Mac Studio desktops to the standard Macbook Air laptops. This is only for silicon models, so older Intel-based Macs don’t need the app. There’s no release date yet, but developer BlueTwelve Studio and publisher Annapurna Interactive are urging fans to monitor their Twitter accounts for the latest information.

stray It originally launched last year for PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam. The game went on to garner glowing reviews and several industry awards, winning Best Indie Game and Best Indie Game for the first time at The Game Awards. As the marketing suggests, you play a cat who navigates a cyberpunk world, solving puzzles and manipulating a drone robot companion.

This is another feather in Apple’s gaming cap. For years (really) the platform has struggled to attract top notch developers and quality titles. This has changed thanks to the power of Apple’s silicon chips and upgrade tools like MetalFX. hit space sim No Man’s Sky It just launched on Mac computers and the platform currently hosts titles like Resident Evil: Village, Hades, Disco Elysium and more.

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