How does Daniel Jones’ contract affect the Detroit Lions’ quarterback future?

On Tuesday, and New York Giants She secured a deal completed with quarterback Daniel Jones just under the franchise tag deadline, allowing the team to use the tag where they really wanted – on running back Saquon Barkley. While the full contract terms of Jones’ deal haven’t been finalized yet, here’s what we know about her:

This seems to indicate that the Giants may be out after two years, but until we see the full collapse of Jones’ deal, it’s hard to know exactly how it falls apart — especially without knowing something as simple as a signing bonus.

But we’re not here to talk about Jones and the Giants. Let’s talk about how this new contract will affect the Detroit Lions, who are nearing a crossroads at the quarterback position.

Jared Goff has two years left on his Lions contract, when he’ll get $31 million and $32 million each season. However, it is very likely that the Lions and Goff will re-examine their relationship after the 2023 season, which will likely lead to talks about a contract extension in the next off-season.

So how does the Jones deal affect those negotiations? Let’s take a closer look:

The baseline is set for Jared Goff

When it comes to producing in this league, there’s no comparison: It was Jared Goff – and right now He isA better quarterback than Daniel Jones. Take any stat you want, even if you just look at Jones’ “breakout” 2022 season, and Goff emerges as a better option in every category don’t rush him.

So $40 million a year is Goff’s floor now, assuming things don’t go well in 2023. That’s a huge pay bump, but the Lions could also structure it so that a year or two of that deal includes a cap that’s much lower than what they’re paying him. Until now. Take a look at Patrick Mahomes’ contract, for example. They average $45 million annually, but the first three years cap was $5.3 million, $7.4 million, and then $35.8 million. This is an extreme example, of course, since the Chiefs built a massive roster bonus pool on the back end of the decade knowing Mahomes would be their unquestioned starter. The Lions won’t have that luxury, but they can still make the first few years of the extension look team-friendly.

As of now, there are nine quarterbacks who average at least $40 million a year: Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Deshaun Watson, Mahomes, Josh Allen, Dak Prescott, Matthew Stafford, and Jones.

It’s fair to assume that Goff will ask for more than $40 million, possibly much more. As I noted earlier this season, the Lions can pay a huge quarterback and still build a winner, but they have to be pretty sure Goff can be their guy.

If there is any doubt…

Drafting a quarterback should be a serious option early this year

If the idea of ​​handing 29-year-old Jared Goff a $40+ million a year contract intimidates you, there’s no reason to wait. You need to think about drafting a quarterback now. The Lions probably wouldn’t have a better chance of grabbing the quarterback. With the draft capital they have (pick 6, pick 18, and two second-round picks), they can easily pick out any quarterback they want in this draft class. Obviously, you’re not limited to just grabbing the quarterback to grab the quarterback – they still have to for you The man – but the Lions are now perfectly positioned to add their quarterback in the future.

Not only will the rookie quarterback get into an ideal offensive position—a strong offensive line, a young team of solid receivers—but Detroit will give him the opportunity to slow his progression and develop his skills off the bench for a season. And if Goff balls out in 2023 and keep the rookie at bay, you either trade Goff in for an important asset in 2024 or give the rookie quarterback another year to develop.

Deciding to hand over the long-term franchise to a rookie quarterback at Goff’s expense is inherently risky, to be sure – especially when Goff is coming off one of his best seasons yet. And if they decide they can hitch their long-haul wagon to it, that’s fine. But coach Dan Campbell’s comments last week suggest they’re not entirely comfortable sticking with him long-term.

What he did is – and what we hoped and thought we’d get – he’s a man, he’s our man. He bought us time here. We think we can win with Jared Goff. Meanwhile, we also know he won’t be here for the next 10 years. It’s not like Jared Goff is a newbie. So we definitely have our eyes on a potential midfielder.

“The question is where do you get that from? And that’s something Brad and I do all the time. But we don’t feel pressured right now. We don’t feel pressured, but that doesn’t mean our eyes aren’t on the quarterback.”

If so, then quarterbacks should be in serious consideration this year.

But as Campbell suggests, they don’t Owns to do so this year. If the correct quarterback isn’t on the Pick 6 or the swap value isn’t where it’s needed, you can kick the deck. The risk, though, is that you likely won’t have the abundance of demo capital that you do now to make that move in the future.

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