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Food, medicine, housing … On the fifth day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens have many needs. On Monday, February 28, the Interior Minister announced that France had already sent 33 tons of humanitarian aid to Poland to help them. Gerald Dormanin, in France 2. More than 30 tons of goods will go to Moldova at the beginning of the week. “It’s about tents, medicine, food” He noted.

Individuals can also help Ukrainian citizens – whether they are backward or part of the half-million refugees who have fled to border countries.

can give The Red Cross, Already in Ukraine – mainly in the Donbass region and in the capital Kiev – since the conflict erupted in 2014, but it will be rearranged to additional geographical areas as needed. Access the online donation form Here.

About sixty people from NGOs Physicians with no boundaries (MSF) is already mobilized in Ukraine and neighboring countries: Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia. “We are trying to do two things at once: look at what can be done for refugees in neighboring countries, the care of the wounded and the support of hospitals in Ukraine.”, Explains Michel-Olivier Lacharité, Head of Emergency Planning for MSF France. Access the online donation form Here.

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Long CARE International, Working with the People in Need organization, which has been working in Ukraine since 2014 – to provide an early emergency response to the population (water, food, health equipment). He hopes to raise 10 million euros in donations. “As soon as possible, we will provide psychological support for managing the effects of trauma and displacement, especially among children.”, Says Jean Berger, head of the NGO’s emergency plans. Access the online donation form Here.

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It is also possible to make material donations, especially if medical equipment such as compresses or antibiotics are missing from the site. Make your donation proposals to the association France-Ukraine Medical and Charitable Assistance (Link here)

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