Howe: Why Mac Jones’ alleged ‘attitude problem’ is a mischaracterization of the Patriots QB

Don’t misunderstand competitiveness with position.

A leaked story developed last week patriots quarterback Mac Jonesone that did not agree with anything the team has grown to appreciate about being selected in the first round of 2021 since their alliance a year and a half ago.

According to some reports, Jones now has a behavior problem and a huge ego, and she supposedly bumped into the coaching staff.

Prior to last week, none of those words were used to describe Jones, according to numerous conversations with people from the organization and those close to the quarterback. As this narrative has gained a life of its own in the past week, all these characterizations have been brought down again by some of these same people.

Now, let’s back it up a few years and revisit history to make a few points.

Jones’s former high school coach, the late Corky Rogers, was notorious for demanding quarterbacks, even once threatening to seat Jones after a touchdown pass because Rogers wanted him to throw it elsewhere. They clashed often but in a family way. Difficult training was not always welcome, But it was respectable.

Later, Jones missed other scholarship opportunities to commit to Alabama even though some coaches and advisors could not understand them. Crimson Tide already had the midfielder Galen Hurts And a commitment from a five-star recruit Toa Tagoviloaso Jones’ chances of playing were never guaranteed.

Since he was spending his time in Alabama, Jones treated his responsibilities with the Boy Scouts like his own versions of the games. During one heavy run against the starting defense that was stacking the streak to prepare for an upcoming opponent, Jones kept shifting play on the streak, throwing deep and celebrating with his receivers after every big hit.

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The defense complained to coach Nick Saban, who yelled at Jones to get him fired and stick to the script. Jones responded with something poignant, “If you don’t like it, tell your defense to stop it!” Saban was furious on the court, but the Alabama coaches mocked him after training.

That story highlighted Jones’ competitive spirit that made him the darling of both his coaches in Alabama and, eventually, New England as well.

But this is the kind of story that can easily be woven in another way. For example: In an effort to bolster his ego — rather than help prepare the defense for their next game — Jones went rogue during training, calling his own plays and yelling at Saban that his defense should figure out how to stop it.

See how it can work?


While Jones awaited a role that was never pledged, Alabama added Uber recruiter Bryce Young to the QB room, but Jones did not transfer. He got a spare job in 2019 and relieved Tagovailoa’s injury mid-season, then beat Young at the start in 2020. Jones has praised his perseverance throughout that whole process, and it proved to be a great equalizer for the teams. whose value is before the draft. They saw a player who has no arrogance and does not feel any entitlement.

This past season, Jones first engaged in a conditioning program to gain a leaner physique. He was routinely one of the first players to arrive at Gillette Stadium, often getting there before the coaches. That doesn’t sound like someone who was fat and happy after the Pro Bowl debuted in the junior season.

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And while the Patriots were working on a new offensive system — mixing up game rules and simplifying language in the post-Josh McDaniels era — Jones was praised for his collaborative communication. He told them – forcefully, at times – about the plays or concepts he had made and didn’t like them based on their ability to carry them out, but all the parties involved had a voice in the process.

It was this All reported while on vacationAnd Jones was highly praised for it. Now, after the novice Billy ZappyFor the first time in sterling, a story suddenly surfaced that Jones was not happy with the direction of the attack. Perhaps, you could take the idea that he doesn’t like some plays and spin it into something else, but, according to those close to the middle, that would be a deceptive stretch.


Finally, Jones suffered a sprained ankle four weeks ago against crowsand missed the last three games. The quarterback sought multiple opinions about his rehabilitation plan and ultimately decided against the surgery. According to league officials familiar with the situation, Patriots coach Bill Belichick was not pushing him toward action, contrary to another account that suggested the two sides had clashed over his recovery.

Jones will retain control of his primary job once he is healthy enough to play a full match, and Which is expected to be Monday night against the Bears. Zappe’s performances over the past three weeks have been impressive and encouraging, but Nobody thought seriously about Gillette Stadium Rearrange the depth chart according to league officials familiar with the situation.

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It makes no sense how something could get so out of control like this. If Jones is praised for each of these examples as he did, let’s rewrite history now in an effort to sell a non-existent point.

(Mack Jones photo: Paul Rutherford/USA Today)

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