Hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity following a series of bombings; Cuts imposed on kyiv

He explained in an interview that the attitude of Russian society towards the “special operation” in Ukraine is one of opposition or lack of opposition rather than real support. the world, Russian sociologist Lev Gautkov, scientific director of the Levada Center, Russia’s last independent polling agency, was classified as a “foreign agent” by authorities. According to him, “special activity” evokes mixed feelings. “Of course there is pride, satisfaction, but at the same level and often in the same people, negative emotions: shock, confusion, depression, despair, shame … This indicates a significant dissatisfaction and a bad awareness. A clear awareness that Vladimir Putin’s blitzkrieg has failed.”He points out. “Only 10% of respondents say that they are responsible for what is happening in Ukraine. For a large part of Russians, politics, like war today, is a field that does not concern them.The sociologist notes.

As for war, there are hawks and aggressive patriots. You see them on TV, you can read their opinions on the Internet – where they rejoice in the bombing of Ukrainian cities… Propaganda tries to make it look like they are in the majority, but this is an important point. 6% or 8% of the population, mainly retirees, which expands from time to time. The majority, however, can abide by some of the campaign speeches, but prefer a peaceful life without shock. (…) When mobilization was announced [le 21┬áseptembre], the truth appeared. The failure has become clear and we already see the negative emotions increasing: fear, confusion…“Special Function” It has come down from 51 percent to 20 percent.

To know more, you can read the full interview.

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